Ariza Gosling

About The Property

  • PROPERTY SOLD 10/2022
  • Units 316
  • Sq. Footage +/- 276,000
  • Acres 12.15
  • Location Spring, TX
  • Property Phone 832-353-2196
  • Website


Approximately 10 acres of land with 316 units near the rapidly expanding Springwoods Village and Woodlands markets.


The project broke ground in mid-2020 and began leasing soon after the Great Freeze of February 2021. It stabilized by late summer 2021. By end of the first quarter of 2022 the project was refinanced returning 50% of the investor funds and distribution at an 8% per annum basis.


The extension of the Grand Parkway and widening of Gosling road has improved access to employment and retail centers for residents in the area. Ariza Gosling’s tenants will be able to take advantage of the Woodlands’ natural amenities, new retail along the Grand Parkway, and the anticipated arrival of more than 5,000 jobs in Springwoods Village by project completion.

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